Three Forks Ranch “Viewpoint” 

With everything from striking mountain vistas to serene spa settings, Three Forks Ranch is the ultimate wellness and wilderness retreat. No matter if you’re looking for an exciting outdoor adventure or want to recharge your soul in nature, we have it all. 

While we understand the importance of healthy choices like exercising, eating right and taking vitamins, we also acknowledge that several lifestyle and environmental factors can negatively impact health and accelerate aging. This is why, here at Three Forks Ranch, we focus on and help our guests take the necessary steps toward sustainable wellness. 

Achieve Your Wellness Goals at Three Forks Ranch 

When you escape to Three Forks Ranch, you’ll have the opportunity to disconnect — and reconnect. We believe that when it comes to wellness, the focus should be more on moderation and not deprivation. Without these parameters, achieving a healthy lifestyle isn’t possible. 

This is why we provide the setting and tools that allow for sustainability. Our ranch is nestled in the mountains of Colorado and spans an astounding 280,000 acres. Our premier wellness destination allows you to explore over 400 square miles of Rocky Mountain landscape while embracing outdoor activities and adventures. 

What We Offer at Our All-Encompassing Resort

Three Forks Ranch offers world-class facilities, opulent accommodations, gourmet dining and an array of activities and experiences to keep your itinerary full.

We specialize in creating experiences where untamed wilderness meets luxury. While we are nestled in an untamed wilderness and private ski mountain, you’ll find amenities like our all-inclusive luxury spa and the only hydrotherapy spa in the country. 

Your mountain resort experience can include activities ranging from fly fishing to archery to horseback riding. Along with offering the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature, we also have partnered with Mayo Clinic to allow each guest to develop a comprehensive wellness plan during their stay.

Find Inner Peace and Balance at Three Forks Ranch

If you’re ready to plan an unforgettable getaway filled with luxurious amenities, relaxing accommodations and rejuvenating activities, Three Forks Ranch can make your destination dreams a reality. With everything from Tree Houses to cozy lodge rooms to choose from, it’s never been easier to embrace a Western adventure at a premier destination. 

We are here to discuss your dream getaway and help you plan a memorable adventure. To learn more and start booking your stay, we invite you to give us a call at (970) 510-9623 or email to get started.

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