Three Forks Ranch on Health Uncensored With Dr. Drew

Health Uncensored with Dr. Drew gives viewers an inside look into some of the latest ideas in health and medicine. In this episode, viewers can join Dr. Drew Pinsky as he discusses Three Forks Ranch during an interview with Dr. Mike Harper, the medical director at Three Forks Ranch, and Jenn Clements, the general manager at Three Forks Ranch.

From the moment you arrive, you’ll discover that Three Forks Ranch is a health retreat like no other. Nestled in the remote, picturesque Rocky Mountain landscape, this lodge combines an array of outdoor activities and adventures with a focus on rejuvenation. 

What makes our health retreat unique is the equal focus on both wellness and luxury. By partnering with Mayo Clinic, a top hospital in the nation, we can offer our guests a unique health and wellness experience.

A Retreat Where Adventure and Luxury Meet

Three Forks Ranch has existed since 1865, originally starting off as just a small hunting operation. As more and more individuals began to discover the beauty of the untamed wilderness, it quickly expanded its accommodations and activity options and grew to be the source of luxury, comfort and relaxation that it is today.

Our commitment to seeing wellness in everything we do sets us apart. While many guests come to escape into this Western paradise and take part in outdoor recreation, our wellness program enhances and complements the entire experience. 

Much of our wellness focus is molded after the programs they offer at Mayo Clinic. With our treadmill stress test, strength test and balance and mobility test, we can establish a baseline for guests and determine where they are with their health. We’ll then tailor a program to help each guest lead a healthier lifestyle and practice moderation over deprivation.

Embrace Personalized Service and Unforgettable Experiences

In the heart of the Rocky Mountains, guests can embark on a Western adventure while enjoying 5-star amenities. Here, you’ll have over 200,000 acres to explore and immerse yourself in nature and outdoor activities. With a focus on sustainable wellness, we customize a thoughtfully curated itinerary for each guest. 

Book a Stay at Our Premier Wellness Destination

Three Forks Ranch is dedicated to providing an unforgettable getaway experience in a mountain resort setting. With Mayo-trained and certified staff, you can experience peace of mind knowing we’ll provide personalized wellness services that help you create sustainable changes during your stay.

To learn more about how we can deliver the ultimate adventure and wellness experience, we invite you to give us a call at (970) 510-9623 or email

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