Maximizing Health with Prediction


Maximizing health through prediction is a powerful approach. By leveraging predictive tools like the Galleri Multi-Cancer Detection Screening and AI ECG Prediction of Heart Health, Three Forks can help individuals proactively manage their health. Early detection of potential health issues allows for timely intervention and personalized wellness plans, ultimately leading to better health outcomes and improved quality of life for guests and their families.

The GALLERI multi-cancer detection test is the first of its kind and used at Mayo Clinic. The test screens for 50+ kinds of early stage active cancers. Early detection is the key to longevity and wellness.

The standard ECGs that one receives are not predictive of future heart conditions that can be predicted through the Mayo Clinic AI ECG over-read. Three Forks offers to its guests in the LONGEVITY ASSESSMENT AND RETREAT this exclusive AI ECG OVER READ which is predictive of future heart conditions which can cause heart failure.

Three Forks provides our guests with access, if indicated through the assessment data, directly to Mayo Clinic at one of its three locations for further diagnosis and treatment!

Guests can participate in the Longevity and Wellness programs through an assessment during their stay or through a 3 or 4 day retreat which includes additional classes on fitness and nutrition as well as spa and outdoor recreation activities. Please see retreat schedule and sample itineraries below!

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The interview showcases Dr. Mike Harper, a physician from the Mayo Clinic and the medical director at Three Forks Ranch, along with Jen Clemens, the general manager. Their conversation delves into the collaboration with Mayo Clinic, the year-round activities offered at the ranch, and their shared goal of making a positive impact on people’s lives.

At the Three Forks wellness retreat, participants engage in a variety of activities such as hydrotherapy, spa sessions, workout and nutrition classes, and cooking classes. The distinctive aspect of Three Forks lies in its focus on early diagnosis, utilizing Mayo Clinic’s tools to provide a unique approach to wellness.

Initiated in 2019, the partnership between Mayo Clinic and Three Forks aims to bring Mayo Clinic’s Healthy Living Program to an environment that is more attractive and suitable for health-conscious individuals. David Pratt, the owner of the ranch, is deeply committed to promoting health and wellness.

The program’s primary objective is to bring about positive life changes and grant guests direct access to Mayo Clinic. Innovative services include multi-cancer early detection blood screening and an AI algorithm applied to routine EKGs for predicting a range of cardiac and non-cardiac conditions.

During the interview, the significance of nutrition is highlighted as an integral part of the program. Sustainable cooking skills are imparted through the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living menu, emphasizing moderation over deprivation. Additionally, the ranch offers training in proper weight training techniques in its well-equipped gym.

Explanation of Longevity and Wellness Tests

Electrocardiogram with Artificial Intelligence Analysis

An Electrocardiogram (also called ECG or EKG) records the electrical signals in the heart. Mayo Clinic ECG interpretation includes a state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence program. The AI ECG can help predict risk of heart failure, atrial fibrillation and aortic stenosis and can predict biological age.

DEXA Body Composition Scan

  • Bone density can predict risk for osteoporosis.
  • Body composition can measure the body fat percentage as well as allows the ability to see fat distribution through the body which can predict risk for developing diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Cardiovascular Fitness Test

The cardiovascular fitness test predicts VO2max, the maximum amount of oxygen the body utilizes during cardiovascular exercise. This test is a key performance indicator important in creating an individualized cardiovascular training plan.

Strength Testing

A strength test will provide insight into current levels of muscular strength and power and is a significant predictor of longevity.

Balance Assessment

A balance assessment is a tool to help predict the risk of falling and allows the development of a personalized program to reduce the risk.

Three Forks Ranch

Blood Pressure

Knowing your blood pressure and treating it if high will lower your risk for developing heart disease, heart attack, stroke, metabolic syndrome, and dementia.

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Prediction of Cognitive Decline

A series of questionnaires which predict risk of Alzheimer disease and other dementias. Based on screening results appropriate medical referrals are made.

GRAIL Galleri Multi- Cancer Test

Multi-cancer early detection test that can detect over 50 types of cancers, through a single blood draw.

Three Forks Ranch

Sleep Disorder Screening

A series of questionnaires designed to predict your risk of a sleep disorder. Based on results appropriate referral to the Mayo Clinic Sleep Medicine Department will be made, as needed.

Three Forks Ranch

Glucose Testing

Testing a fasting glucose can aid in determining if you have prediabetes or diabetes.

Grip Strength Test

Hand grip strength is a direct indicator of healthy aging. 


Three Forks Ranch Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Center

We forged a prestigious partnership with Mayo Clinic, the #1 Hospital in the World. Our Healthy Living Center Team collaborates with the brightest minds in healthcare to offer our unique Wellness and Longevity retreats and assessments.



Dr. Mike Harper
Medical Director, 37 Year Practicing Mayo Physician
  • Charles M. (Mike) Harper, M.D.
  • Professor of Neurology
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Medical Director, Three Forks Ranch Healthy Living Center

Charles (Mike) Harper, M.D. is a neurologist and consultant at Mayo Clinic Rochester and Medical Director of the Revenue Model Innovation Group at Mayo. He is also Medical Director of the Health and Wellness program with Three Forks Ranch (a strategic partner of Mayo Clinic). He is the former Executive Dean for Practice at Mayo Clinic having held this position from 2010 through 2019. He is a professor in the Department of Neurology and has held multiple leadership roles within Mayo Clinic including member of Board of Governors and Trustees, Chair of the Mayo Clinic Clinical Practice Committee, Chair of the Midwest Clinical Practice, Vice Chair Midwest Executive Operations Team and Vice Chair of the Department of Neurology.

Born in Lansing, Michigan he received a Masters of Science and an M.D. degree from University Nebraska in 1981. He completed his neurology residency and clinical neurophysiology fellowship training at Mayo Clinic in 1986 and has remained on the Mayo staff since. He has held many leadership roles within the department of neurology including residency and fellowship program director, associate chair for faculty development, associate chair for clinic practice, EMG laboratory director, Neuromuscular Clinic co-director, and Vice Chair of the Department. Before being named to as the Executive Dean of Practice at Mayo in 2010 he previously served as chair of the clinical practice committee and chair of the outpatient practice committee of the Rochester campus.

Dr. Harper specializes in myasthenia gravis and other neuromuscular disorders. He has practiced EMG for over 35 years with special interests and contributions in congenital and acquired disorders of neuromuscular transmission, intraoperative monitoring, integration of EMG with ultrasound, as well as education and mentoring of residents, fellows and younger staff. He also has a special interest in health, wellness and longevity. He has authored over 95 peer-reviewed articles and multiple book chapters. He has coauthored several books on myasthenia gravis. He is a member of the advisory board of the National Myasthenia Gravis Foundation and has served on the Editorial Board of Muscle and Nerve.

Chrissie Morken
Director of Healthy Living Center, Three Forks Ranch
  • National Board-Certified & Mayo Clinic Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Chrissie Morken is the Director of Healthy Living at Three Forks Ranch. She began in 2021 working closely with Mayo Clinic to develop Three Forks Ranch’s predictive Wellness and Longevity offerings. Her passion for health and wellness began with her career at Mayo Clinic in 2013. Chrissie spent most of her tenure at Mayo Clinic working with patients in Preventive Cardiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation. She also worked as a Health and Wellness Coach in Mayo Clinic’s Health Living Program. Chrissie is an ACSM certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist and holds a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. To further her career in wellness and sustainable lifestyle change, in 2014 Chrissie attended Mayo Clinic’s Wellness Coach Training Program and became a Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach. In 2015 Chrissie was among the first cohort of Health and Wellness Coaches to become Nationally Board Certified. 

Sarah Cotter
Lead Technician & Integrative Nutrition Coach, Three Forks Ranch Healthy Living Center

Sarah is a dual certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with a passion for whole-body & whole-mind, holistic wellness. She tailors her coaching to our guests individual biomarkers, lifestyles, and both short & long term goals. As a USTA Junior tennis player and later a certified personal trainer, Sarah learned that there is no cookie-cutter approach to health and wellness.

Through overcoming her own health battles and physical struggles, she knew she wanted to provide an environment for others to heal in a supportive and collaborative atmosphere. Sarah has worked in various clinical settings as the Resident Health Coach and relishes the personalized partnership involved in one-on-one coaching You will also catch her teaching fitness classes throughout your stay and teaching in our amazing Kitchen Academy.

Jessica Stone
Spa Coordinator & Lead Therapist, Three Forks Ranch

Jessica has been a practicing Esthetician for 21 years. Prior to her arrival at Three Forks she worked in many spaces including day spas, destination spas, plastic surgeon and dermatologist offices, waxing boutiques, specialty brow bars, and country clubs. Staying up to date and on top of trends is critical to Jess’s success in her role. She is highly educated in both skin care lines we use at Three Forks.

As an expert in the Jan Marini and Phytomer skin care lines, Jess loves to cater every facial to the particular needs of our guests. Jess is also a certified Pilates Instructor and provides all levels of Reformer Classes. With a deep understanding of the principles of body movement, Jess teaches a number of fitness classes both within the walls of our wellness facility and outdoors for classes such as floating Pilates and mindful hikes.

Guest Testimonial

While our aim –first and foremost– is to meet and exceed our guests’ standards and expectations, we sure don’t mind positive press that helps us share the Three Forks Ranch experience.

Seldom does one have an experience that is life changing. My visit to Three Forks and the Wellness Assessment set me on a path that will do just that. Though my challenges are personal, my goals are universal. The combination of wellness and enjoyment, and the sheer beauty of Three forks set the stage. The excellent wellness coaching and follow through kept the momentum, helped prioritize my goals, and provided me with motivation and positive reinforcement. Finally, my pending visit to the Mayo Clinic will provide me with the peace of mind that I have done everything that I can to have the future that I envision. Time and money well spent!

– Mark, Guest

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