Fitness Classes

Fitness Class Descriptions


This class integrates ballet barre technique, pilates, yoga and cardio bursts into a workout focused on improving core strength, developing upper & lower body stabilizing muscles and enhancing flexibility. Barre includes isometric exercises and small movements that work every muscle group, with an emphasis on strengthening and tightening the hips, glutes, thighs and core, as well as improving alignment and posture. Props that may be utilized include the ballet barre, light weights, a yoga mat, bands, and the Pilates ball.

3F Core Power

This class focuses on core strength utilizing bodyweight. It’s more than just an ab workout. You will use core muscles you didn’t even know were there.

CenterLine® Reformer Pilates

The most famous and arguably the most effective piece of Pilates equipment is a Pilates Reformer. Our CenterLine® Reformers are deeply rooted in the origins of Pilates, yet with subtle innovations. The deliberate resistance, feedback, and “end feel” so critical in the traditional experience of carriage ride for maximum core control. Our Wellness Instructor will help you adjust this machine to any ability level and body type to get the most out of every class. The reformer promotes length, strength, flexibility, and balance.

Mat Pilates

Develop muscle, flexibility, and agility with one of the safest and most effective exercises you can do.


Experience a variety of Yoga classes at Three Forks Ranch. Whether you are looking for relaxation with Restorative Yoga practice or looking for something more concentrated with our Vinyasa Yoga Classes. Our certified yoga instructors can cater to all skill levels and individual needs.

Strength Training for Bone Density:

Vital at every age for healthy bones, exercise is important for treating and preventing osteoporosis. Not only can exercise improve your bone health, it can also increase muscle strength, coordination, and balance, and lead to better overall health. This class is designed to increase physical strength through weight-bearing and resistance exercise. All major muscle groups are worked from head to toe.


Challenge your body with a combination of cardio and strength movement patterns using Tabata training. This class is perfect for anyone trying to improve their fitness and health. Beginners can work at their own levels and intermediate and advanced students will be pushed to their limit by this full-body workout.

Bodyweight, balls & bands

this class incorporates exercises involving an individual’s bodyweight, such as planks and yoga flows, as well as the use of Pilates balls and resistance bands to enhance muscle lengthening and strengthening without the need for bulky gym equipment or machinery. Workouts with balls & bands provide stability & balance training, improved core muscle activation, and resistance training- all of which provide a huge variety of benefits, including increased muscle mass, higher metabolic rate, improved bone density, disease and fragility prevention, and even increased cognitive function.


This specialized form of suspension training exercise develops endurance, balance, flexibility, and core stability simultaneously. It provides a fast, total body workout benefiting people of all fitness levels.

Hike and Yoga / Pilates

Start with a gentle hike through the beautiful mountainside and arrive at a special secluded location. Enjoy an exercise class amidst the trees and the soothing sounds of nature before continuing with the hike.

Floating Yoga / Pilates

Take your practice outside and onto the water with a BOTE paddle board. Enjoy the soothing sounds of nature and the warmth of the sun as you are guided through a Pilates or yoga flow on a paddle board.

Mountainside Mobility

This class provides exercises and movements that strengthen & lengthen the body, allowing one to move more freely & efficiently after an exhilarating day of mountain sports. When adventuring outside in the Rockies, we want our guests to move and feel their best, so come into the studio after a day of recreation and join us for dynamic stretches, bodyweight exercises, yoga flow, diaphragmatic breathing and functional mobility moves.

Three Forks Boot Camp

Boot camp is an interval training-based workout with bursts of intense activity separated by rest periods to keep the muscles guessing and the calories burning! One can expect a mix of cardio, light weights, bodyweight exercises, plyometrics and calisthenics for a full body workout that will get your blood pumping and mind motivated!
Bootcamp intervals can be catered to any fitness level or activity preference. Just bring your sneakers, a water bottle and get ready to move and groove!

Wake & Rise

Join us in the window studio to Greet the morning sun as we stretch, strengthen and lengthen our bodies and clear our minds of the previous day’s clutter with a set intention for the day at hand. In this class, one will focus to diaphragmatic breathing, mobility movements, sun salutation yoga flow, and stretches for every muscle group from head to toe. Stretching first thing in the morning helps relieve sleep-related pain & joint stiffness, improves blood flow and flexibility, as well as enhances mood and productivity levels throughout the day,
Stretches and movement flow can be catered to any fitness level or activity preference.

Mindful Snowshoe

Clip on some snowshoes & meander off the beaten path amidst the Rockies with us! Snowshoeing, by its very nature, is a perfect low impact winter activity accessible to any fitness level and no previous snowshoeing experience is required.
A few of the great benefits of snowshoeing include muscle strengthening, a great cardio burn, remedies seasonal depression, improve sleep quality, improves cardiovascular fitness, boosts your mood and improves mental health.
Guests who are advised to keep the weight off their knees, hip-joints, and ankles can feel confident picking snowshoeing as a sport in contrast to heavy-impact sports like snowboarding and skiing. Individuals can adjust their snowshoeing experience to their own capabilities and preferences.

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