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Three Forks Ranch by The Numbers


square miles of pure, picturesque Rocky Mountain landscape.


acres of western paradise.


head of cattle.


miles north of Steamboat Springs, situated on the Colorado-Wyoming border.


staff members to cater to your every whim.


square feet of luxurious lodge.


square-foot, full-service spa, with tempting treatments for the mind, body, and soul.


guest accommodations including sumptuous suites & luxury treehouses. 

Your Home Away from Home

All-Inclusive Luxury

From the moment you arrive at the Lodge and Spa’s front doors, be assured that our talented, knowledgeable, and friendly team, including our Mayo Clinic Certified Staff and Expert Guides will be available to accompany you throughout your stay. Their expertise and passion will help make your adventure dreams come true. At no other ranch will you receive the experienced guiding that Three Forks offers. This exceptional relationship is our gold standard.

Awards, Accolades, & Testimonials

While our aim –first and foremost– is to meet and exceed our guests’ standards and expectations, we sure don’t mind positive press that helps us share the Three Forks Ranch experience.

The Lodge and Spa at Three Forks has become our second home…and adopted family! For the past 10 years, we have visited 1-2 times per year. The setting, facility and, most importantly, the staff are the best we have ever experienced. The food is always a culinary joy, and the guides make every day an adventure to remember. If you need a “down day”, the new Spa will pamper you in every way.

Without exception, visits here have been the best escapes my wife and I have ever had.

They’ll never be rid of us!

– Dr. & Mrs. Michael D.

As we drove up, there is no doubt about that it, it is a gorgeous property that lends itself to a moment when you see it, you go ‘oh, wow. This is wonderful. I can’t wait to explore this place.

– Caren K.

“The Finest Money Can Buy: Visitors ride horseback on trails winding through countryside that could pass for the backdrop to a John Wayne western. The views are seldom less than breathtaking.”

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– Wall Street Journal

The Lodge & Spa at Three Forks Ranch is very proud of our 5.0 rating on trip advisor. To see our 50+ reviews, just click the link.

– Trip Advisor

Three Forks Ranch has been a favorite vacation spot for our family. In fact, we are headed back this summer for our 11th straight year. Three Forks offers a plethora of outdoor activities along with a recently added Hydrotherapy Spa and a partnership with the Mayo Clinic. We love the flexibility to choose our daily activities with our assigned guides. Over the years, our family has been introduced to new activities that we have grown to love. We always sign up for the 7-day itinerary and find it tough to leave at weeks end.

Their facilities and accommodations are Five Star and second to none. We would be remiss not to mention their staff and ownership. Everyone is friendly, professional and extremely accommodating. They have become like family. In our opinion, Three Forks Ranch is the ultimate vacation spot to do everything or nothing…and come away with life long memories!

– Jack & Jill T.

“True West: Fancy digs aside, the appeal here is intimacy. Managers dine with guests nightly. The three-to-one staff-to-guest ratio allows for spontaneity I’ve seldom encountered; last winter, I arranged snowshoe and cross-country ski outings with 20 minutes’ notice.”

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– Forbes Magazine

I write this in complete sorrow. We miss you, everyone we met, and Three Forks Ranch so much. This place was magical. The ranch is GORGEOUS!!! From the second we arrived to the last second, we had such a blast. This is now officially our favorite place, with our new favorite people. Best winter vacation of all time. Really, best trip out of all trips!!!

Everyone was so professional and an absolute joy to meet and interact with. Everyone did such an amazing job to make us feel special and accommodate us in every single way possible. Every activity (and we did them all) was first class. Then there’s the concert or should I say private event. OMG what a HUGE surprise and treat. Words cannot express the intimacy of the event. That’s so beyond any concert in any venue that words could not even come close to expressing what it felt like. All I have to say to anyone thinking about it is just GO!!! I feel so blessed to have experienced it and look forward to coming back to another before it ends. I mean, we met Chris Young and then had drinks and chatted with his mom and dad all night. That’s once in a lifetime stuff. Regardless of how good vacations are it always feels good to be home. We felt so at home there that it didn’t feel so different when we got home. Besides missing our doggy, we were so comfortable there. Meeting Mr. and Mrs. Pratt was another treat. They are perhaps some of the loveliest people on the planet. They have really created an enchanting one of kind place. We are so grateful for the Ranch, and everyone associated with it.

– Jerry G., December 2023

“Top 101 Hotel Suites of the Year: The world’s most decadent innovations in luxury hotels and resort suites from around the world. Beyond the criteria of luxurious details, these suites are based on opulence, design, plush accommodations and second-to-none service.”

– Elite Traveler

It’s one of those things you have to experience for yourself. It’s something that you dream up, like if you could dream of a perfect trip and all these experiences, that’s it. It’s making the unattainable, attainable.

– Karl K.

“Fly Fishing and Five-Star Fare at Three Forks Ranch: A savvy guest’s first order of business is to pay a visit to the Roaring Fork Spa, specifically the relaxation room and its incredible mountain views. The 6,000 square-foot spa includes steam baths, hot tubs and an indoor/outdoor infinity pool. Four rooms are available for as many spa treatments as your heart desires.”

– Aspen Peak

#1 Luxurious Hunting Lodge: Open fireplaces, plaid armchairs, beamed cathedral ceilings, hand-carved European paneling and stone walls; what more could you want from a luxurious hunting lodge?”

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– Ask Men

Cast a fly, hit the slopes, and take a steam high in the Sierras. Bon Appétit is an American food and entertaining magazine that is published monthly by Condé Nast.”

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– Bon Appetit Magazine

Three Forks Ranch and the cat skiing they have will provide skiers that visit this valley some of the most amazing and unique opportunities available anywhere in this country or North America for that matter. They have endless terrain — more legit than Steamboat Powder Cats terrain and amenities by far. They also have the benefit of being a 230,000 acre private ranch and have a base lodge that would take most people’s breath away.”

– Fleischer Sport

In 1862, Joseph Hahn and two companions struck gold in the vicinity of Hahns Peak just north of Steamboat Springs. Over a century later, David Pratt, owner of Three Forks Ranch, has struck gold in the form of the fly-fisherman’s nirvana by restoring 22 miles of three rivers that now teem with Donaldson and Kamloops Rainbows measuring over 30 inches.”

– Fly Fish Addiction

Luxe Way: Three Forks Ranch: Most visitors—about 30 at a time, maximum—come to fish. A mobile kitchen meets anglers to serve them lunches like grilled flatiron steak; at dinner, guests can choose from cult Napa bottlings like Opus One and Caymus.”

– Food and Wine

Where the Three Forks skiing and snowboarding experience will really stand out is when guests climb inside one of the ranch’s snowcats and head out to the backcountry. The specially designed vehicles are built to travel through the deepest snows, and can provide access to places that no chair lift ever could. Skiers will be able to shred untouched powder in a pristine wilderness that will make them feel like they’re the first ones to ever visit the area, providing a magical ski experience that is unlike any other.”

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The Best Hunting and Fishing Lodges: Intended to be the “Ritz-Carlton of the backcountry,” the sprawling lodge includes a 6,000-foot spa, an indoor/outdoor infinity pool overlooking aspen-covered hills, and a variety of guest rooms and suites.”

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– Outside Magazine

Cast Away: Catching more trees than trout? Splurge on a trip to Three Forks Ranch, a Kansas City-size cattle ranch and fishing resort 40 miles north. The river is a little manicured, but there’s 16 miles of restored private water. The fish are wise as mules, and nearly as fat.”

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– Outside Magazine

Our Seven Favorite Guest Ranches: Whether you’re out to ride, fish, soak in a hot spring, pitch in on chores or get treated to a farm-to-table feast, you’ll be able to find your home on the range.”

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– Outside Magazine

Over The Rainbows: My Three Forks guide taught me more about fly-fishing in one day than all the other guides I have fished with combined. With his help, I caught and released a dozen rainbow trout along various stretches of the Little Snake River, 16 miles of which run through this 200,000-acre working cattle ranch.”

– Robb Report

The striking 15-room structure can accommodate as many as 30 visitors and features 40-foot-high cathedral ceilings, museum-quality Western artworks, and nine fireplaces throughout the public spaces.”

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– Robb Report

Unlimited Private Snowcat Skiing at Three Forks Ranch: With all due respect to Mr. Disney, the happiest place on Earth isn’t in Orlando or Anaheim. It’s deep in the Sierra Madre on the Colorado-Wyoming border where the North, South and Middle Fork Rivers meet to give this 200,000-acre working cattle ranch and four-season playground its name.”


Offering miles of unmatched trout streams, soaring mountain tops, and limitless acres of Aspen covered meadows; this magical playground offers more activities than a day can hold. The Roaring Fork Spa, nestled within The Lodge at Three Forks Ranch, is a focal point of complete rejuvenation for guests seeking a special kind of ranch vacation.”

– Spa Index

Two hundred thousand acres. A working cattle ranch near the border of Wyoming and Colorado, owned by St. Louis Cardinals co-owner David Pratt. The Three Forks Ranch puts the ‘X’ in extreme luxury.”

– The Ski Channel

Twenty maintained trails on privately owned ski hills accessed only by snowcat — I’d call it the best private snowcat skiing west of the Rockies. No lift lines… no crowds… just you and the hill — and if you’re lucky like my family was with some cooperation from Mother Nature, perhaps more than a foot of freshly fallen snow.”

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– The Vacation Gals

Your Private Mountain Now Has Snow: The 200,000-acre resort (just 40mi north of Steamboat on the CO/WY border) has crafted twenty beautiful beginner-to-expert runs which are 1) only accessible by Snowcat (they have four), and 2) only available to guests of their 15 rooms, meaning you’ll be able to really stretch out on the trail (note: stretching out before the trail is also a good idea).”

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Think of a snowcat as your personal ski butler—one that comes with a massive snowplow, all-terrain treads and/or bench seating for six. One is there to taxi you up 1,100 vertical feet of gladed mountain face. And another’s there to smooth out up to 20 untouched, private runs in the Sierra Madre, before you grace them with your descent. (You’ll carve these green-, blue- and black-diamond trails almost completely at your leisure, since the hotel caps capacity at a lean 30.)”

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– Urban Daddy

I first came to Three Forks Ranch in 2003 to enjoy the spectacular fishing and other summer activities. That continued for many years until I discovered how amazing fall and winter were at the Ranch. I now come three times a year! I don’t know of any other place that can match the quality experience that we have at Three Forks. Not only do we enjoy all the outdoor activities, but the staff are such good people that have become friends we look forward to catching up with each visit.

– Kerry S.

Seldom does one have an experience that is life changing. My visit to Three Forks and the Wellness Assessment set me on a path that will do just that. Though my challenges are personal, my goals are universal. The combination of wellness and enjoyment, and the sheer beauty of Three forks set the stage. The excellent wellness coaching and follow through kept the momentum, helped prioritize my goals, and provided me with motivation and positive reinforcement. Finally, my pending visit to the Mayo Clinic will provide me with the peace of mind that I have done everything that I can to have the future that I envision. Time and money well spent!

– Mark, Guest

“Majestic scenery, incredible opportunities to experience nature, and luxurious accommodations….   But what makes Three Forks the ultimate destination for a Corporate retreat is the world-class staff!  They genuinely care and have a special level of authenticity that can’t be replicated!”

– Michael W., VP Sales Gaylord Hotels and Marriott Convention & Resort Network

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