What does sustainable wellness mean?

Guests come here to restore, reset, and reconnect with themselves.

Three Forks Ranch believes that SUSTAINABLE WELLNESS is about learning tools that support and sustain health and wellness over a lifetime. We want guests to embrace their wellbeing, their aliveness, and a sense of joy while they are at the Ranch. Then, more importantly, we want them to take that feeling, along with the tools and techniques they learned here, home with them to fold into their everyday lives. 

Every guest will have the opportunity to connect with a Mayo-trained Wellness Coach while here. Once home, that Wellness Coach will continue to meet with and correspond with our guests on whatever timeline and via whatever method they prefer, thus catering to you until your next visit. This is the foundation of SUSTAINABLE WELLNESS.

We want to ensure that each guest feels supported and encouraged on his or her SUSTAINABLE WELLNESS journey. Every activity we do and service we offer ties back to your overall health and wellbeing. That includes exploring our outdoor activities, eating delicious meals, indulging in spa treatments, learning new skills, connecting with nature, and practicing yoga, Pilates, or meditation.

In partnership with the Mayo Clinic 

The Mayo Clinic’s Healthy Living program focuses on three areas of wellness: physical activity, nutrition, and resiliency.

The Three Forks Ranch partnership with the Mayo Clinic is a unique opportunity to provide world-class medical knowledge and expertise to the guests of the  Ranch in a way that integrates with their overall experience. The Ranch is developing guest experiences focused on nutrition, fitness, and resiliency, along with our customized programs and staff training. These will be available when our new facility opens in the winter of 2022.

Currently, we are adding more cooking classes and demonstrations of healthy snacks and homemade recipes that guests can take home with them. Our executive chef has been creating delicious farm-to-table meals, rich with flavor and nutrients, often sourced locally from our greenhouse. We believe that SUSTAINABLE WELLNESS includes offering a variety of options so that guests don’t feel like they are being restricted by making healthy choices. 

Personalized care in a beautiful setting

Guests will receive personal, customized, and in-depth health information in between activities at the Ranch, like skiing or fly-fishing. Coming this winter, guests will have the opportunity to participate in a fitness and wellness assessment conducted by our Mayo-trained Exercise Specialist. That assessment will help drive the SUSTAINABLE WELLNESS goals created by guests and their coaches.  

Through our wellness coaching program, we meet guests wherever they are in their health journey. We want our guests to feel inspired and empowered to take control of their own health. Whether the reason is to have more energy for their family or perform better in their work, we help guests understand their “why” for living a healthy life. We are always pointing back to a person’s own resilience — their mental toughness, their perseverance, and their ability to grow and adapt through life’s challenges. Coaches also help guests explore their strengths and motivations, and how those transfer over to accomplishing their individual health and wellness goals. 

So much more than a resort 

Both Three Forks Ranch and the Mayo Clinic hold a shared vision to create a premier wellness destination. We don’t want to be just another resort, we want to actually do more evidence-based wellness coaching in a luxury resort setting. With the construction of our state-of-the-art wellness facilities, slated to open in winter 2022, we are fulfilling the vision to become the premier wellness destination. 

We are so much more than just a resort because we truly care about your wellness. From outdoor yoga classes to craniosacral therapy to guided meditations, we want to provide a vacation experience that enriches your whole life because we care about your overall well-being. You will leave here with your body, mind, and soul feeling nourished and inspired.

Learn what some of our Three Forks Ranch team members have to say about what SUSTAINABLE WELLNESS means to them.

“Sustainable Wellness is being the best version of yourself.”


“Sustainable Wellness means listening to and respecting your body. A simple stroll through nature, taking a moment to relax by the river, a few deep breaths as you gaze at expansive vistas. Something as simple as that can be all it takes to slow things down so you can hear and understand what your body needs. Start slow and be kind to yourself. Also, water. Drink more water.”


“Sustainable Wellness involves escaping the hustle and bustle of the city, putting a pause on our busy lives, and disconnecting for a moment. “


“Sustainable Wellness means taking care of one’s physical, emotional and mental well-being, while continuing to learn, grow, adapt and overcome.” 


“Sustainable Wellness means to treat your body as best you can so you can do the things you love longer.”


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