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Three Forks Ranch is a Mayo Clinic Partner and offers fitness and wellness services for guests who wish to enhance their health journey. Our Mayo Clinic-certified staff will use our leading fitness equipment to perform a comprehensive body scan. The results from your assessment aid our experts in creating a personalized wellness program based on which activities you enjoy the most.

Our fitness and wellness assessment is an optional experience that costs an additional $2,500. Participating in a wellness assessment gives you exclusive access to Mayo Clinic if you wish to discuss your needs in greater detail. Through this service, your direct access will include a virtual consultation with a Mayo Clinic physician during your all-inclusive detox retreat.

We believe the time you spend at our wellness ranch is only the start of your wellness experience. Each health assessment includes extended sessions with a Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach. Our comprehensive coaching package includes seven wellness video coaching sessions you can attend during a 12-week time frame after you visit Three Forks.

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Our Sustainable Wellness Retreat


Wellness Essentials

Coaching helps define the appropriate steps toward one’s optimal wellness by means of collaborative thinking, drawing from past experience and defining future goals. A coaching approach allows room to grow while experimenting with different strategies for personal wellness. The Three Forks staff provide data-driven assessments, which measure physical conditioning and serve as a baseline for a personalized plan toward a healthier you.


Spa Services

Three Forks Ranch is conveniently located on the Colorado and Wyoming border, and boasts a world-class luxury spa where you can escape the stresses of daily life.


Wellness and Fitness Activities

In our state-of-the-art facilities, guests have access to a wide variety of fitness and wellness options, all of which are tailored to their specific needs. These individualized plans are based on the outcome of health assessments undertaken on arrival and in consultation with our Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coaches. Our goal is to provide comprehensive health and wellness activities that guests will not only love doing but will also lead to real health gains.


Outdoor Activities

The perfect Luxury Western Destination is calling and Three Forks Ranch is here to answer. 200,000 acres are at your fingertips when you step foot into our Sierra Madre Mountains ​retreat​. Activities abound when summer brings 50-degree nights and 80-degree days with low humidity and lots of sunshine. When winter comes, the landscape is transformed. Our remote location, draped in a blanket of white and under a blue winter sky, becomes the stage for new and amazing adventure opportunities. Three Forks Ranch allows you to experience mother nature in all of her glory.


Healthy Dining/Cooking

Good food is one of life's great pleasures. And for most people, meals are at the heart of family life and celebrations. There’s no need to give up flavor to cook healthy meals! The Three Forks culinary team offers a hands-on exploration of healthy yet delicious food preparation concepts and cooking techniques in a fun, social environment.


Book Your Wellness Vacation at Three Forks Ranch Today

Our comprehensive wellness services will help you make lasting, positive changes while giving you greater confidence in yourself and your skills. To learn more about our wellness vacation packages, complete our contact form to book your stay at our luxury wellness resort today!


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