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Wellness Essentials

Wellness Essentials

Wellness Essentials

Coaching helps define the appropriate steps toward one’s optimal wellness by means of collaborative thinking, drawing from past experience and defining future goals. A coaching approach allows room to grow while experimenting with different strategies for personal wellness. The Three Forks staff provide data-driven assessments, which measure physical conditioning and serve as a baseline for a personalized plan toward a healthier you.

Physical Activity Assessment

This comprehensive wellness assessment provides guests with a new set of baseline data on their cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, balance, posture, body composition, bone density, and more.

Biometric Evaluation

Tests blood pressure and blood values (cholesterol and glucose) in order to provide a snapshot of current health status and risk of disease.

Body Composition Scan

Accurately measures your bone density, muscle mass, body fat distribution using Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) technology, so you have the data to succeed.

Cardiovascular Fitness Test

Assesses the amount of oxygen used during exercise, allowing staff to gauge your cardiovascular fitness level.

Strength Assessment

Tests upper and lower body strength to provide a baseline for appropriate goals to increase muscular strength and endurance.

Movement Assessment

Assess elements of functional movement including strength, posture, balance, core stability, and mobility.

Assessment Review

Discussion of results with Three Forks experts to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Physical Activity Planning and Goal Setting

Use the insights from your assessments to help form goals for the future.

Personalized Physical Activity Plan

Create a physical activity plan that will help you break through to the next level.

Expert Guidance and Insights

Three Forks experts will personalize an experience around your current state and desired goals, focusing on our cornerstones of wellness nutrition, physical activity, resiliency, and lifestyle change.

Personalized Wellness Plan

Guests leave ​our resort​ with a detailed analysis, personalized goals, and new strategies and tactics for success. No two people are alike, no two plans are alike. What’s your vision for health, well-being, and quality-of-life?

Ongoing Support after You Leave

Guests continue their journey with the support of their Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Staff. You can reach out any time and the Three Forks staff will be there to help, well past your visit.

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