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When building or refining a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, nutrition is just as important as wellness and fitness habits. Our resort’s culinary experts invite you to their side of the counter as they teach new skills and recipes, which will give you insight on healthy eating for resiliency. Learn how to prepare meals that will feed your mind and body with the nutrients needed to manage the stress of your ever-changing life.

The Kitchen Academy
at Three Forks

THE KITCHEN ACADEMY is THREE FORKS’ state of the art 12-station teaching facility. It utilizes the latest technology, including SubZero and WOLF appliances as well as audio and visual step-by-step instruction from our culinary team to enjoy and learn about healthy food preparation.

THE KITCHEN ACADEMY invites you to expand your palate and dive into developing healthy, sustainable eating habits which can be easily integrated into any lifestyle.
Guests will have the opportunity once a week to join Executive Chef for an elegant tasting menu - $600. We offer varying half-day and full-day class options.


THE KITCHEN ACADEMY is home to a wide variety of cooking classes on offer all year round. This list is subject to availability and seasonal changes. We guarantee you will find something to delight and inspire your inner chef for years to come!

1. Seafood for Skin Benefits

Become familiar with the benefits of a seafood-based diet and what it can do to prevent signs of aging, dry skin, inflammation, and decrease the chance of heart disease.

2. Thai Cooking

Boost your immune system, protect the heart, and clear your sinuses with Thai chilies, galangalang, and cumin! Thai cooking has been proven to benefit bronchitis, respiratory disorders, and lower blood pressure.

3. Cajun-Creole Experience

A deep dive into the lively flavors and traditional techniques of The Bayou. From Etouffee to Boudin we’ll walk you through this true American cultural treasure.

4. Plant Based Comfort Foods

Comfort foods like burgers, pizzas, and chili are not just for meat eaters! Whether vegan, vegetarian, or for those just more conscious about keeping a plant based diet, we can show you creative options on how to create your favorite dishes.

5. Bread Making

These bread recipes will help improve cholesterol levels, promote digestive health, and increase energy levels. As well as offering gluten free options.

6. Vegan Indian Cuisine

Western Indian food has been widely misunderstood in American dining, most recipes are actually based on Hindu culture which leaves out meat. We will share with you the authentic recipes of India and teach you traditional, healthy meals which are easily prepared at home.

7. A Taste of The Middle East

Learn about the health benefits of Middle Eastern cooking. Rich in manganese, niesan, vitamin B6, and potassium, these dishes are momentously beneficial to brain health and overall cognitive function. Pass the baba ghanoush!

8. Homemade Pasta

Our culinary team will first show you how to create the perfect pasta dough by hand, which can be the base for endless variations and shapes. After deciding which pasta route you'll take, create flavorful, complementary sauces to pair with your handcrafted noodles!

9. Recreate Three Forks' Classics With Our Executive Chef

Learn how to prepare meals straight from the Three Forks' dinner menu. Classics like buffalo wellington, yellowfin tuna tartare, five spice rubbed muscovy duck breast, and more!

10. Precision in Pastry

Whisk, knead and frost your way through the day with our pastry chef while learning techniques like tempering, folding and icing, while baking up fresh pies, puff pastries and creative cakes!

11. Cheesemaking

An introduction to basic cheesemaking techniques. Create goat and sheep based cheeses and take home what you make!

12. Stone-Fired Pizza

Classic To Contemporary
Utilize our showpiece pizza oven and learn about classic Italian doughs and regional thickness and toppings. With this foundation, step into more contemporary culture combinations in pizza and produce a variety of pies and accompaniments, and then enjoy your creations with a glass of wine afterwards!

Formal Dining

In our beautifully appointed formal dining room our guests are invited to enjoy masterfully created dishes drawing on influences from all over the world. From classic French cuisine to more adventurous fare. The menu changes daily and takes advantage of locally sourced ingredients and the highest quality meats and fish, all sustainably produced and procured for your dining pleasure in stately surroundings.


Casual Dining

After dark, THE KITCHEN ACADEMY​ transforms into a more casual affair. Set in a Chef’s table environment, our guests can select from an array of mouth-watering choices from stone-fired pizza to our signature aspen plank cooked meats and fish. Enjoy a glass of wine and some lovely company while our culinary team whip up some truly delicious meals.


Cooking Classes

Our resort’s culinary experts invite you to their side of the counter as they teach new skills and recipes, which will give you insight on healthy eating for resiliency.


Tasting Nights

An evening with our Executive Chef. Taking you through his career, his travels and his unbridled passion for all things culinary, this intimate evening is a tasting journey through various courses and flavors. Using both seasonal ingredients and more exotic delectables, our Chef will create some sumptuous dishes and inspire your own epicurean tendencies.

We cater to all dietary needs, restrictions and allergies for our guests and we can recommend the best classes to suit your needs.

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