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The Future of Wellness

Begins at Three Forks


This Is A Place You Won’t Soon Forget

From our kitchen to your suite, from the rivers to the slopes, every aspect of your stay should be nothing short of blissful.

The Lodge & Spa at Three Forks Ranch will forever pay homage to the natural wonder around us and we pledge to protect and preserve every resource while providing an incredible, personalized vacation for every guest.

What You'll Remember

Old World

Escape without leaving behind any of the comforts you’ve come to expect. Friendly, attentive staff members will greet you warmly, and treat you with a generosity of spirit you’ll only find here.

That Inspires

The Lodge & Spa at Three Forks Ranch is stunningly beautiful both inside and out. Every aspect of our physical property is designed to transport you to a place of pure bliss.


Sit back or jump right. Whether it’s horseback riding, snowmobiling, or hanging in a hammock, 200,000 acres means you can choose your own adventure.

Details, Details,

11 decadent deluxe rooms and 4 sumptuous suites equipped with Italian linens, marble-covered bathrooms, premium amenities, and spa-quality robes. Your every desire fulfilled requires every detail be perfected.

Map Detail

Our guides use this site map to distribute the activities for each day, so all guests can have their own experiences in different corners of the ranch. The activities are grouped in a way that makes it easy to move from one to the other, on any given day. We want our guests to truly experience the remoteness and peace of Three Forks Ranch, so it’s quite possible to spend all day immersed in your chosen activities, without seeing any other guests!

With private access to miles of river, you can fish at your special spot in mindful solitude, enjoying the rippling sounds of water and the splashes of jumping trout! In other areas of the ranch you will be surrounded by mountains and a natural reserve, where the only sounds you will hear are the rustling of trees, the whispering of grass, and the calls of the local wildlife.

Main Lodge



Inspired by our stunning natural surroundings and sparing no expense, we designed our Lodge to complement our setting and elevate the guest experience to a world-class level.

When you enter our front doors for the first time, the Great Room’s 40-foot cathedral ceilings, rich finishes, and artful décor envelop you - transporting you immediately into the incomparable Three Forks experience.

The Details

Roaring fireplaces surrounded in hand carved Russian Pine paneling invite relaxation over afternoon tea, socializing with family and friends, or quiet moments with a captivating book.

Western oil originals by Craig Tenant and Wayne Cooper decorate the walls in pleasant contrast to intricate Chinese porcelain.

Hardwood walnut floors frame exotic oriental rugs. Enjoy the music coming from our one-of-a-kind Steinway, played by one of the furrier local natives.

Wellness Facilities

New in 2022

The Future of Wellness Begins at Three Forks

In partnership with Mayo Clinic, Three Forks Ranch is the premier sustainable wellness destination in North America. Our world-class state-of-the-art spa, fitness and wellness facility is staffed by our very own team of Mayo Clinic trained and certified wellness coaches, providing nutrition advice, personal training and other coaching services for you before arrival, during your stay, and in on-going follow ups after you return home.

Your journey to a healthier and happier you begins at Three Forks Ranch. Our team will help you optimize your health and well-being, regardless of where you currently are along the health spectrum. Our experiential luxury wellness program is evidence-based, outcomes-focused and built on the cornerstones of healthy living, good nutrition, physical activity, strength and resiliency.

If your wellness classes begin in the morning, take the time to sit down and enjoy a smoothie or cappuccino in the Roaring Fork Bistro, overlooking the aquatics facilities and the beautiful landscape of Three Forks Ranch. In the evening, we transform the Bisto into an elegant lounge for cocktails and a social hour, and for more casual dining experiences.

Our 16x6 LED High Definition Samsung Video Wall will showcase the day's adventures and display gorgeous footage of activities and scenery from around Three Forks Ranch. Spectacular lighting over the pools will indulge the senses as you reflect on the day you experienced and the journey to come.


The blissful Roaring Fork Spa is a retreat within a retreat. Pamper yourself with expert massage therapists and estheticians who offer the finest in destination spa services. Featuring treatment rooms, a studio gym and steam rooms. Our spa embodies the serenity, beauty, and splendor of the Three Forks Ranch lifestyle.

Hydrotherapy Spa

Experience the only hydrotherapy pool in North America. Hydrotherapy is a therapeutic whole-body treatment that involves moving and exercising in water, and delivering pain relief through the use of underwater massage. Discover this unique way to relax muscles, comfort joints, and improve circulation throughout your entire body.

Our hydrotherapy pool is the only one of its kind in North America. Designed in partnership with renowned British manufacturer Barr + Wray, it features increased bather comfort designed for perfect water chemistry and extreme comfort while in the water. Millions of micro oxygen bubbles provide you with an ultra smooth silky feel, as if you were swimming in salt water without the salt. With the abundance of oxygen in the water, it can allow even those with the most sensitive skin to once again enjoy the pool.

In addition to what you feel while in the water, improved air quality is another incredible benefit of our hydrotherapy pool The added oxygen above the surface of the water benefits everyone who uses the Three Forks Ranch aquatics facility. The first thing people notice about our pools is the crystal-like clarity of the water. Oxygenated water will leave you feeling refreshed and your skin smooth and silky. So, if you are looking for the ultimate luxury experience in a spa and hydrotherapy pool facility, you won't find anything more pristine and perfect in North America than the custom designed Three Forks Ranch aquatics facility.

Outdoor Hot Tub

Like our indoor pool facilities, the Three Forks Ranch outdoor hot tub is equipped with the same state-of-the-art oxygenation systems. These unique systems add millions of particles of oxygen into the water which is then absorbed by the skin, the largest organ of our bodies. As guests spend time recreating and exercising at altitude, our pools provide an amazing way to recover from active days and full re-oxygenate the body. For anyone suffering from dehydration or altitude sickness, these pools can help alleviate and prevent symptoms.

Mayo Clinic Executive Health

For an optional additional fee, our Mayo Clinic certified experts offer a Fitness & Wellness Assessment for guests wanting to take their health journey to the next level. In each assessment, we leverage our leading-edge fitness equipment for a thorough full-body scan utilizing the latest in medical technology and innovation.

Your assessment results will aid our experts in creating an individually designed program based around outdoor and indoor activities that you enjoy the most. Three Forks Ranch is the only wellness destination in North America to offer this unparalleled service to guests.

If you participate in our optional Wellness Assessment, you'll gain exclusive and direct access to Mayo Clinic facilities throughout the United States should you desire to explore your individual health needs in more detail.

Dining Experiences

Your Table is Ready

Your guest room comes fully stocked with snacks and drinks to satisfy midday (or midnight!) cravings, and all meals, house wines, and liquors are included. For premium liquors and wines, additional fees apply.


True to the Three Forks experience, dining at The Lodge & Spa at Three Forks Ranch is fully personalized. Each meal selection is yours to customize — from your morning coffee and tea service to your end-of-day dessert.

Our beautifully appointed dining room and vast outdoor terrace are where you'll enjoy most of your meals all year round. Also, we offer unique dining experiences like a delightful lunch served riverside and complete with white tablecloths after a day of fishing or a private table in our Wine Room for a more intimate experience.

No matter what you choose to order or where you decide to dine, a place at the Three Forks table awaits.


Morning Coffee and Tea Service

Schedule an early-morning delivery of tea or coffee and a fresh pastry to arrive as you wake.


A full breakfast is served in the Lodge every morning. Fuel your day’s adventures with eggs Benedict, steel-cut oats, or cinnamon French toast. Savory or sweet, our menu satisfies.


Lunch at Three Forks is a hearty selection of sandwiches, entrees, sides, salads, and — of course — our signature Lodge cookie. Grab and go if you are on the run, or take a midday respite on the terrace with a full plate of delectable offerings.

Cocktail Hour

Savor a glass of our Flora Springs house wine or a premium mixed drink over canapés at the Middle Fork Lounge, where fellow guests and Three Forks Ranch staff gather to swap stories about the day’s adventures.


Fresh salads stoke your appetite for hearty main courses including diver scallops, osso bucco, grilled ribeye, or eggplant lasagne. Our menu choices vary but always include a range of options to accommodate a variety of preferences.

Food with a View

Beamed cathedral ceilings, exquisitely hand-carved European paneling, original Western art, plush Oriental rugs, and gleaming Chinese porcelain combine to create an elegant ambiance rivaled only by our delectable menu.

The Wine Room, home to our Flora Springs private-label wines and a finely curated premium wine selection, is also available as an intimate setting for couples and groups wishing for added privacy.

Dining Room

Beamed cathedral ceilings, exquisitely hand-carved European paneling, original Western art, plush Oriental rugs, and gleaming Chinese porcelain combine to create an elegant ambiance rivaled only by our delectable menu. Our dining room is the ideal setting for superb meals that feed your eyes, soul, and stomach. Sit back and relax in a plush armchair while our expert wait staff provides seamless service and mouth-watering meals that impress even the savviest foodies.

Riverside Dining

For our anglers knee-deep in fly fishing nirvana, we break for lunch at the river’s edge. A hearty midday meal is served al fresco on white tablecloths.

Dress code: waders.

Terrace Dining

Casual dining al fresco, surrounded by incredible, uninterrupted views of the property and its vast open skies, is a delightful way to dine.

The Wine Room

The refined and elegant Wine Room is home to our Flora Springs private-label wines and a finely curated premium wine selection. It is perfectly suited for couples and groups wishing for added privacy.

The Middle Fork Lounge

The Middle Fork Lounge is a favorite meeting place to regroup at the end of a thrilling day on the ranch. It’s the quintessential Three Forks setting — warm, inviting, and luxurious — to sip a cocktail or savor a glass of our Flora Springs private-label wines.

Right away, you’ll find yourself immersed in the 17′ x 7′ oil painting by great Western artist Wayne Cooper mounted behind the bar. Commissioned specifically for this space, the epic mural depicts life in the early 1850s. The Ute Indian village nestled in the river bottom along the Middle Fork reflects how the original inhabitants of this land might have prepared for a raid on neighboring tribes or settlers.

The Wine

The Flora Springs family and their wine production team are passionate and dedicated to winemaking. They continually strive to create wines that are flavorsome yet balanced, intense yet restrained, cellar-worthy yet ready to enjoy with abandon.

At Three Forks Ranch, we are proud to pour our Flora Springs private-label wines for our guests, whether you desire the perfect accompaniment to your meal or just because you believe (as we do) that a glass of wine is magic in an elegant goblet! Why not try a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon known for its woody and warm flavor, or perhaps you prefer a softer, more sensual Merlot. If you prefer white wines, we have a delightful, full-bodied, and fruity Chardonnay or a dry, citrusy, and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc. Cheers!

The Bar

Our bar is stocked with only premium liquors and libations.

And our premium wine list represents a selection of fine wines from California, the Pacific Northwest, France, Australia, New Zealand, Italy and Germany.


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