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Bird’s Eye View


Located just 40 miles north of Steamboat Springs on the Colorado-Wyoming border but a world away from “real life,” the expansive 200,000-acre Three Forks Ranch embodies the true West — rich in history, resources, and opportunity. With only 15 guest rooms, our Lodge and Spa is a luxury getaway, replete with the most decadent amenities and superior personalized service. Our decades-long commitment to sustainable land use and conservation is evident in the tens of thousands of pristine, private acres at your disposal to explore with abandon.

Getting to The Lodge & Spa at Three Forks Ranch From Baggs, WY
  • From Baggs, WY turn onto Highway 70 towards Dixon, WY (turn right at the Cowboy Inn).
  • Keep going on Highway 70 and you will drive through Dixon, WY and Savery, WY.
  • Continue through Slater, CO (which only has a post office).
  • After approx. 2 miles, turn right onto Carbon County Road 710. You will see a metal sign for Three Forks Ranch.
  • This road eventually turns into dirt and becomes Routt County Road 129.
  • After about 12 miles, you’ll pass the Three Forks rock gates. Keep going another 2 miles and you will see the main ranch gate on your left.
  • Stop and use the call box. We’ll let you in, and then drive to the Lodge and park under the porte-cochere.
Getting to The Lodge & Spa at Three Forks Ranch From Steamboat Springs
  • Go West on Hwy 40 through Steamboat to Elk River Road (Cty Road 129) you’ll know it’s the right one as there’s a Kum & Go Gas Station on the SW corner. Turn right (North) at that intersection.
  • Go North on 129 (Elk River Road). You’ll pass through Clark (17 miles in) through Columbine (30 miles in). Just past Columbine you will come to the gravel road, stay to the left and continue another 14 miles to the Lodge.
  • After about 11 miles on the dirt road you’ll pass thru the Three Forks gates at the cattle guard.
  • After another mile and a half or so, you’ll come to a fork, stay to the left and continue for approximately 2 more miles. Don’t turn right at that fork, as that’s the old headquarters.
  • After approximately another 2 miles, turn right where you see the on-gate & double column rock entry, stop and use the call box. We’ll let you in, and then drive to the Lodge and park under the porte-cochere.

By the Numbers


acres of pure, picturesque Rocky Mountain landscape.


square feet of luxurious lodge.


square-foot, full-service spa, with tempting treatments for the mind, body and soul.


staff members to cater to your every whim.


miles north of Steamboat Springs, situated on the Col-12 col-sm-6 col-md-3orado-Wyoming border.


decadent deluxe rooms.


sumptuous suites.


other places on earth like Three Forks Ranch.

Luxury retreat with with mountains, river, and solitude

Why Here

After spending many years searching for the perfect Western property, David Pratt set his eyes on Three Forks Ranch. Looking for an active cattle ranch with mountains, river, and solitude — and an abundance of wildlife and natural beauty — his alluring dream took shape in this Sierra Madre Mountains paradise.

Not content to keep the place to himself, he then set out to share it with the world.
The urge was irresistible.

"What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been — the most beautiful place you can imagine? Now, imagine that it’s all yours, that you can have your run of it. Wouldn’t you want to share it with your family, with your friends? That’s the purpose of The Lodge & Spa at Three Forks Ranch: to share our paradise with you".

David Pratt

What We Offer

Whether whisking down our private powdery slopes in the winter or casting a line beside the cool waters of the Little Snake River under a summer sun, an adventure at Three Forks Ranch is always in season.

Saddle up, tie a fly, grab a bike, lace up your boots, or grab a pair of skis for an unforgettable outdoor adventure in an idyllic wilderness.

Settle into a beautifully appointed suite with sweeping, postcard-perfect views of our secluded slice of heaven.

Warm your soul by the fire with a glass of wine in hand, experience the ultimate in relaxation with a massage in our Roaring Fork Spa, and savor world-class cuisine inside our elegantly appointed dining room — or down on the water during one of our famous riverside lunches.

No matter how you choose to spend your time here, you will be greeted warmly and personally guided. At no other destination will you receive the bespoke, world-class service that Three Forks offers.

Private Ski Resort


Looking back

As Three Forks Ranch is vast, covering more than 200,000 acres of wilderness, so too is its history.

Prehistoric man and Native Americans were attracted to the land’s rich bounty, fur trappers and traders capitalized on ample game herds, and miners sought wealth from nearby mineral deposits. It’s only with the arrival of European settlers that we have a written record of the ranch’s contemporary ownership.

Since the 1800s, Three Forks Ranch has attracted and impressed anglers, outdoorsmen, vacationers, and explorers from far and wide. What was a coveted destination then remains so today thanks to our abundant natural resources paired with every modern-day luxury you can imagine. We are proud to continue Three Forks Ranch’s long, rich tradition of beauty, adventure, and remarkable accommodations — all enhanced by the exceptional personalized service that defines our brand.

Historical Highlights

Three Forks Ranch Is Built

Thomas Gardner built the original Three Forks Ranch at what is now the Headquarters gate. The wealthy, retired Chicago newspaperman came West ostensibly for his health, although he had a curious habit of disappearing into the mountains for weeks at a time when federal agents traveled the valley. Thomas brought with him his wife, Katherine; her mother, Adila; and Cora, Katherine’s daughter from a previous marriage. The couple’s palatial mansion was decorated at the height of 1890s style and filled with taxidermied animals hunted by Thomas in the Rockies. Guests were frequent here, as Katherine expertly hosted many lively parties. Even then, Three Forks was renowned for its excellent fishing and plentiful game. Wealthy tourists from back East hired locals to guide hunts, and families from surrounding states vacationed on the property in the summer. Thomas is buried on the ranch, and Katherine moved to California upon selling Three Forks Ranch to the OVO Cattle Company.

Pioneer Sheep Company

The site of The Lodge & Spa at Three Forks Ranch was settled by W.P. Blackmore, who managed the Pioneer Sheep Company. The second owner of the site, a man by the name of Hancock, was probably a miner. Not much is known about his tenure.

The Honnalds Cattle Ranch

Charles and Hattie Honnald bought the land that is now The Lodge & Spa at Three Forks Ranch. They worked hard to grow their business, running more than 250 Hereford cattle, sheep, horses, and milk cows. They also built a large barn for the stagecoach horses that passed through the area six days a week.

Cow Creek Sheep

The Honnalds sold their ranch to the Cow Creek Sheep Company. The company built an office, a small bunkhouse, a small barn, two cabins, and several other buildings along the riverbank – including what is now the restored River Rock lodge. Cow Creek razed the home of Thomas and Katherine Gardner, who built the original Three Forks Ranch in 1875.

Haytner Family Cattle

The ranch was purchased by the Haytner family, who raised Hereford cattle on the property until the late 1980s.

Barnes Family

The Barnes family purchased the ranch and constructed several buildings still in use today, including a bunkhouse and several vehicle bays, one of which housed a full-time veterinarian and vet clinic.

David Pratt Acquires Ranch

David Pratt purchased Three Forks Ranch, concluding a decades-long quest to find the perfect Western property.

Little Snake River Restoration

Work began on restoring the Little Snake River — the most extensive, privately financed river restoration project in the history of the United States. Sixteen miles of river were painstakingly rehabilitated to what Mother Nature intended more than 150 years ago, dramatically decreasing erosion and increasing the fishery’s health.

Luxury Lodge Constructed

Three Forks’ crown jewel, the 35,000-square-foot luxury Lodge was constructed, housing a 6,000-square-foot spa.

Winter Amenities

Private downhill skiing, snowboarding, and sledding on the ranch’s namesake mountain is introduced, wowing even Olympians with stunning runs and backcountry bliss.

Relationship with
Mayo Clinic

Direct access to Mayo Clinic

Has Been Redefined

The combination of all that we offer in our luxury retreat will redefine your expectations for a wellness trip and set you on a path to a healthier and happier you.

And for those guests whose journey may require care, we are honored to provide them with direct access to the Mayo Clinic!

Cattle Operation

The Lodge and Spa is only one jewel in Three Forks Ranch’s crown. We’re also a working cattle ranch complete with progressive management, pasture rotation, and excellent cattle handling facilities. Our experienced cowboy crew is stationed at cow camps throughout the ranch, and all are capable of doctoring cattle on the range.
Thanks to our robust practices, we have developed a very strong herd of Black Angus mother cows, and our steer calves are always at the top of the sale offering.

Our Family


From the moment you arrive at the Lodge and Spa’s front doors, you’re welcomed warmly by our staff and paired with one of North America’s most talented, knowledgeable, and friendly guides.

At no other ranch will you receive the personalized, individualized service and guiding that Three Forks offers. These exceptional relationships are our gold standard.

The People

The Lodge & Spa at Three Forks Ranch has a distinct warmth — a family feel that enhances the guest experience from start to finish. This is thanks to our staff.

Lodge Manager Emma Larson explains: “Our guests first come to Three Forks Ranch to experience the property. They come back because of our people.” All of us are ready to greet you warmly and personally upon your arrival.

The Experience

Billion-Star Service

The sky’s the limit when it comes to our commitment to you having the experience
of a lifetime.

Personal Guiding

Except for the fact that your relationship is completely customizable to your unique needs, our expert guides are like the North Star for your Three Forks’ adventures; guiding, shining,
lighting the way.

Outdoor Expertise

You name something you can do outside, we have someone who is an expert on not only doing it, but making it enjoyable.


Many members of our team have lived and thrived on the property for over 20 years. With expertise as far as the eye can see, you’ll know every insider tip and trick like the back of your hand by the
end of your stay.

Genuine Warmth
and Friendliness

At the Lodge & Spa at Three Forks,
it’s like we are a family.

A Passion for and Commitment
to the Three Forks Experience

There’s only one way to guarantee awe, consistency and attention to detail. The only thing we love more than The Lodge & Spa at Three Forks Ranch is making sure you love it too.

Awards & Accolades


& Sustainability

Three Forks Ranch will forever pay homage to the rich history and natural wonders that surround us.

We pledge to protect and preserve our resources while providing a superior personalized vacation experience for each and every guest.

The wellbeing of our guests and our surrounding natural environments have been considered in every operations decision since 1999.

From minimizing food waste to implementing the most extensive and expensive river restoration project in North America, we endeavor to honor the land and its resources such that they flourish and thrive — the way Mother Nature intended.


The Lodge & Spa at Three Forks Ranch exists because we wanted to share our Western paradise with the world. Our family’s calling to warmly welcome others — to revel with us in nature’s grandeur amid luxury amenities — is also reflected in our robust commitment to philanthropy.

We routinely open our doors (and riverbanks, bike paths, and ski runs) to organizations that are near and dear to us and our guests.

Every year, we donate more than $250,000 of Three Forks Ranch experiences to a long list of local and national causes that benefit the arts, medical research, animal and river conservation, wounded veterans, and many more. We are proud to support worthy efforts that enrich the larger world and give hope to people in need.

To inquire about philanthropic opportunities, email us at info@threeforksranch.com

To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with.

Mark Twain


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