Transcendent Massage

Our blissful, 6,000-square-foot Roaring Forks Spa is a retreat within a retreat. Here, expert massage therapists offer the finest in destination spa services. Relax, unwind, let go at the hands of our talented, skillful massage therapists.

Enjoy a blend of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage techniques with our Roaring Fork Signature Massage, or maybe our River Stone Massage which combines warm Basalt River stones and nurturing hands to calm your being.


Massage Therapies

Roaring Fork Signature Massage

A blend of Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques delivering a firm, nurturing massage tailored to your specific needs. Choose from our Three Forks Ranch inspired signature oils: Piney Mountain or Alpine Wildflower.

  • Cost: 60/90 minutes: $195/$275

Aromatherapy Massage

Our aromatherapy blends allow you to choose a remedy to address common, everyday health concerns. A great therapy for stress relief, detox, high altitude and more, and incorporating Loving Muscular Relief, Piney Mountain or Alpine Wildflower oils.

  • Cost: 60/90 minutes: $195/$275

River Stone Massage

A combination of warm Basalt River stones and nurturing hands release tension from your muscles and calm your being.

  • Cost: 60/90 minutes: $195/$275

Massage for Two

Connect with your loved one by receiving a massage together. The Loving Oil is used for this session to hydrate and tone the skin, calm the nervous system, encourage emotional balance and bring about a sense of euphoria.

  • Cost: 60/90 minutes: $375/$535